Improvising Learn Lead Guitar Beginner

06 Feb

Improvising Learn Lead Guitar Beginner


Jamming along with a band is the ultimate way of learning how to create your own guitar solos. The 10 track full band backing CD that accompanies this book enables you to do just that! On the CD you’ll hear a full band line-up, but without the lead guitar – YOU will be the lead guitarist.
Experience the thrill of creating your own guitar solos and playing along with your own band.

The book explains from total beginner level:

  • . how to improvise
  • . how to invent stunning solos
  • . how to create riffs and phrases
  • . how to use scales and follow chord charts

Everything is explained in a clear and straightforward way, with no compulsion to read traditional musical notation.
This book and CD are also ideal as study aids for the Lead Guitar section of the Registry of Guitar Tutors Preliminary Grade electric guitar examination. By following this course you’ll learn, in a structured and comprehensive way, how to improvise and create exciting guitar solos in a wide range of musical.


1 DVD Improvising Learn Lead Guitar Beginner HANYA Rp 30.000,-

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