Learning the Piano Keyboard how to play piano instructional (Beginner Intermediate & Advance)

07 Feb
  • Learning the Piano Keyboard how to play piano instructional (Beginner Intermediate & Advance)

  • DVD Piano Lessons Learn Piano. You Will Learn to Play Piano Now! You Are About to Learn Techniques to Build Chords to Play ANY Style of Music! Piano Lessons on DVD… for Visual Learners! Free Downloadable Lesson – How To Read Music Notation, To Play Piano: Learn To Play Piano On DVDs!

Other play piano online courses can teach you the basics. But you don’t want just the basics. You want to play piano “your music.” Play piano music that you like. Play piano music that you want to hear. Play piano music that inspires you – and not just the instructor. When you sit down and play piano – you want to play your songs.

  • That’s the unique advantage you’ll get here. Send me the piano music that you want to learn. I’ll deconstruct it and teach you how it’s played. We’ll “tear” your song apart. You’ll easily understand and learn how to play it yourself. Just imagine the fun you’ll be having learning how to play piano! Finally playing real piano music on your own. In no time at all.

How Does It Work?

  • So just how does this online piano program work? It’s really very easy! All you basically need is an internet connection and a piano or keyboard to practice on. That’s it.

Learn to Play Piano – Step By Step

  • You see, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you – step by step – exactly how to play the piano! You’re going to learn in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace. You’re even going to practice on and learn songs that you want to hear and play.

Product review :

  • Like the other reviewers, I am a beginning adult piano student. And like most of us, I’m going through a plethora of books and DVDs to find the “right” one. Pete Sears’ DVD comes pretty darn close. He has a very conversational style that would almost make you think he’s a little “spacey”, but that is far from the case. He provides a very solid (and I believe) very classical approach to piano instruction. However, the DVD is a long lecture – not sub-divided into specific topics. I found it very cumbersome to go back to a paritcular point. I strongly suggest that you go to his website and download the script to the DVD (I use the script as a textbook when I’m practicing his exercises). Its all there and its a “must” if you really want to get the most out of his very good approach to piano instruction.

2 DVD HANYA Rp 50.000,-

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