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Dragon Naturally Speaking

DVD 1 : Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred

DVD 1 : Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred

The good: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 adds support for regional accents; new Voice Shortcuts for Vista and the Web, including YouTube and Wikipedia; hands-free browser commands; no new system requirements; custom-built Bluetooth headset option.

The bad: The pricey license of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 serves only one user; rocky installation on Windows Vista; no Mac option; poor audio quality on included headset led to poor results.

The bottom line: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 isn’t perfect, but it’s the best dictation software available. We don’t find this upgrade necessary for the most basic dictation, although new features may benefit heavily accented English speakers and those who rely heavily on voice commands.

Who wants to risk or aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome at a keyboard? People who suffer repetitive stress injuries, type slowly, or dictate long documents for work are among the best candidates for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, which types as you talk. While not perfect, it’s the best consumer tool available for digital dictation and can save time and headaches for the right user.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s maker, Nuance, estimates that built-in speech-to-text capabilities in Windows Vista are about five years behind those of this application. You could get by with such features in Windows for occasional use, but Dragon is deeper and more accurate.

Version 10 is supposed to be 20 percent more accurate than its predecessor, both which supposedly offer greater than 99 percent accuracy. However, that won’t likely translate to your personal experience. We found success with about four out of five spoken words. Should we blame our lisping, soft-spoken ways, the software, or the hardware?

The updates to Dragon 10 include support for people with accented English, as well as voice-command shortcuts for supported applications and Web searches. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is supposed to translate spoken words to text twice as quickly as version 9. We couldn’t measure that, but did notice a speed improvement.

Setup and interface
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 runs only on Windows XP or 2000 SP4 or higher or on Vista, so Mac users are out of luck. (ViaVoice for the Mac, which uses Nuance’s technology, is no longer updated.) It requires 512MB of RAM and 1GB of free hard-drive space. You’ll also need a noise-canceling headset microphone, a 16-bit or equivalent sound card, and a DVD drive.

If you only need a tool to type as you talk and don’t want to dictate commands to software or for Web searches, then opt for the $99 Standard edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Preferred, for $199, includes software voice commands as well as support for mobile devices. Preferred Mobile adds a digital voice recorder.

We tested the $899 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 10, which adds support for forms, networking capabilities for an office, and the choice of a standard or Bluetooth headset. We wish a USB headset were an option; you’ll have to buy a dongle to hook up the mic-in headset to a USB slot. The $1,199 Legal edition also helps you dictate briefs and court documents.

Make sure to uninstall an earlier version of Dragon if you have one. And if you already have the latest version on a PC, don’t overwrite it with a lesser-featured version that may be bundled with a new, supported digital voice recorder.

Installing Dragon 10 on two Windows XP machines took around 20 minutes without incident. Unfortunately, Windows Vista installation was a nightmare. It took more than 10 minutes to install Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime, only to find out it hadn’t fully installed. Or had it? We were caught in a catch-22 of circular commands after rebooting more than a dozen times. The issue was related to a known bug in Windows Vista. We spent what amounted to more than two hours with a polite, bright tech support representative who offered a workaround.

Once it’s running, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 adds a small feature bar that sits atop other open applications on your desktop. The well-organized pull-down menus haven’t changed from the past. The text will “type” pretty much wherever a cursor appears, including word processing pages, Web form fields, and the included DragonPad.

DVD 3 : Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11

Untuk guru yang malas ngetik teks menggunakan bahasa Inggris dapat memanfaatkan software ini. Mengetik hanya dengan perintah suara, melalui MS Word kalimat2 akan tampil, begitupula dalam melakukan edit, delete, backspace, koreksi ejaan cukup dilakukan dengan perintah suara. Untuk detil nya langsung aja di liat di website resminya

New 3 Set DVD hanya 100Rb

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Learn FRENCH with TELL ME MORE ® FRENCH V8, A complete and interactive method!


1 + 2 + 3
Beginner Intermediate Advanced

This latest version of TELL ME MORE® is a truly interactive software package with over 250 hours of learning. It evaluates your progress as you work, and uses your results to suggest the activities best suited to your needs. Whatever your objectives or level, from Complete Beginner to Advanced, TELL ME MORE® adapts to your needs and guides you through the learning process, just as a teacher would. TELL ME MORE®, the world’s leading software for language learning, is valued by users and teachers alike for its speech recognition technology and personalized learning paths.

  • More Info:
  • A complete and interactive method:

* 3 work methods will help you to personalise your learning according to your needs and objectives
* The Free-to-Roam Mode for a flexible learning programme
* Guided Mode with Learning Paths adapted to your objectives
* Dynamic Mode to analyse your progress in real-time

  • Over 250 hours of learning and 40 types of activities:

* Varied exercises focusing on comprehension, writing and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and culture.
* Cutting-edge technology
* Evaluation of your pronunciation and interactive dialogues with speech recognition
* 3 hour’s worth of video activities per language
* 3D Phonetic animations

Complementary tools to consolidate your learning:
* A mock test with corrections to help you prepare for the test in accordance with the Council of Europe levels.
* Tool for extracting TELL ME MORE audio resources (dialogues, dictations, etc.) with instructions.

  • Exclusive: explore the world of dubbing with Film Set:

* Enter the Film Set of an actual television series or film and become one of the characters.
* Just like in a recording studio, you can practise saying your chosen character’s lines using scripts.
Once you’re ready, dub the voice of your character in real-time Then, watch the entire film extract with your own voice recording!

  • Harga spesial kami : Rp 30.000,-
    (terdiri dari 1 DVD ).
    Silahkan compare di google gan, Buktikan harga kami paling murah..
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Berisi 80 Lessons dengan terbagi menjadi 3 Level :



(durasi setiap lesson 40 menit – 1 jam 10 menit)
Teacher : Molly Stone

  • lesson 1 – Nice to meet you
  • lesson 2 – How Are You
  • lesson 3 – What Does she look like
  • lesson 4 – Where Are You Form?
  • lesson 5 – Do You Speak English?
  • lesson 7 – These are Relative Family
  • lesson 8 – What Do You Do?
  • lesson 9 –
  • lesson 10 – What Time is it?
  • lesson 11 – What day is it?
  • lesson 12 – How Is the weather?
  • lesson 13 – What are you wearing?
  • lesson 14 – The body
  • lesson 15 – What’s the matter?
  • lesson 16 – Home sweet home
  • lesson 17 – Tell me about your furniture – vocabulary for furniture (preposition)
  • lesson 18 – I’m Hungry – Vocabulary for food
  • lesson 19 – Nationality and languages
  • lesson 20 – Talk about tge weather
  • lesson 21 – How do you get there? finding it
  • lesson 22 – Would you like to go?
  • lesson 23 – My Vacation
  • lesson 24 – How do you travel? – Transportation words
  • lesson 25 – How do you get there? finding it
  • lesson 26 – Ask me a question – question word
  • lesson 27 – I don’t know – indefinite pronouns
  • lesson 28 – Review lessons 1-9
  • lesson 29 – Review lessons 10-18
  • lesson 30 – Review lessons 19-27

(durasi setiap lesson 40 menit – 1 jam 10 menit)
Teacher :Nicole Jones

  • Lesson 1 – Welcome
  • lesson 2 – Special day – days of the week
  • lesson 3 – Entertaining – intoduction
  • lesson 4 – At school
  • lesson 5 – Location – preposition
  • lesson 6 – Shopping – clothing
  • lesson 7 – Did you buy this for me? – pronouns
  • lesson 8 – Activities – can for ability
  • lesson 9 – Listen to the music
  • lesson 10 – What’s for dinner?
  • lesson 11 – He is taller than i am – adjective
  • lesson 12 – What is tallest mountain ? – comparative
  • lesson 13 – At home – furniture
  • lesson 14 – At the station
  • lesson 15 – Do this – imperatives
  • lesson 16 – Past experience
  • lesson 17 – Future life
  • lesson 18 – I wish Upon a star
  • lesson 19 – World knowledge
  • lesson 20 – Getting arround – asking polite question
  • lesson 21 – Social groups – a & an & the
  • lesson 22 – Dining out – restaurant/recipes
  • lesson 23 – What are your job skills? occupation, abilities & skills
  • lesson 24 – Talking on the phone – communications
  • lesson 25 – The art – vocabulary
  • lesson 26 – Transportation – vocabulary city features
  • lesson 27 – Celebrations
  • lesson 28 – Review lessons 1-9
  • lesson 29 – Review lessons 10-18
  • lesson 30 – Review lessons 19-27

(durasi setiap lesson 40 menit – 1 jam 10 menit)
Teacher : Christopher O’Connell

  • lesson 1 – Horror Films
  • lesson 2 – Rock n Roll : Musical Instuments
  • lesson 3 – space : passive – simple present tense
  • lesson 4 – On the farm
  • lesson 5 – At the hospital : medical words
  • lesson 6 – At the circuss
  • lesson 8 – Crime doesn’t pay : vocabulary crime
  • lesson 9 – At the amusement park
  • lesson 10 – At the grocery store
  • lesson 11 – At the playground
  • lesson 12 – Under the water
  • lesson 13 – At the Hotel
  • lesson 16 – In the workshop
  • lesson 17 – At the camp : Vocabulary camp equipment
  • lesson 18 – At the doctor
  • lesson 19 – Review lessons 1-9
  • lesson 20 – Review lessons 10-18


  • Harga spesial kami : Rp 60.000,-
  • (terdiri dari 4 DVD Kompilasi).
  • Silahkan compare di google gan, Buktikan harga kami paling murah..
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Prepared TOEFL DVD I
Contain DVD :
  • Barron’s Pass Key to the TOEFL iBT
  • Barrons TOEFL+ 10 Audio CDs
  • kracking TOEFL listening
  • ETS TOEFL Official Guide+ Audio CD
  • Kaplan Toefl iBT With Cd-rom, 2007-08 Ed
  • Longmans TOEFL iBT
  • Mastering Skills for the TOEFL iBT
  • New Cambridge Preparation for TOEFL

A.2 Prepared Toefl DVD 2 :

B1. IELTS Cambridge Practise Test For IELTS

Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS I contains four complete practice tests for the Academic module of the International English Language Testing System examination, plus extra Reading and Writing papers for the General Training module. Written by experienced IELTS examiners, one based in Britain and one based in Australia. The Student’s Book contains an introduction to the different modules of the exam together with an explanation of the different IELTS question types and how to approach them. The inclusion of annotated keys and tapescripts for each test makes the book ideal for the purposes of self-study students. The cassettes contain listening material carefully chosen to reflect the reality of the exam in terms of timing, format and the types of speaker and accent used

B.2 IELTS CAMBRIDGE grammar for IELTS with Answers

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS provides complete coverage of the grammar needed for the IELTS test, and develops listening skills at the same time. It includes a wide range of IELTS tasks from the Academic and General Training Reading, Writing and Listening modules, and contains helpful grammar explanations and a grammar glossary. Reviews “…a splendid addition to the resource base available to IELTS students and teachers…” Katherine Y. Q. Cao, University of Auckland“ I used the unit on Reported Speech in my ELICOS General English upper-intermediate class as an addition to the core text, and I received a great deal of positive feedback – it seems that the Listening in Context section not only oriented the students to specific situations where particular grammar is used, but also helped them to analyse the grammar before they read the explanation….I highly recommend Grammar for IELTS to Exam and General English teachers for use in class, or for self-study for anyone taking IELTS.” Kay Stafford.

Contain DVD :

  • Longman Introductory
  • The Heinemann TOEFL
  • IELTS Cambridge Practise Test For IELTS
  • IELTS CAMBRIDGE grammar for IELTS with Answers

Harga spesial kami : Rp 50.000,-
(terdiri dari 2 DVD Kompilasi).
Silahkan compare di google gan, Buktikan harga kami paling murah.
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Mengapa anda perlu memiliki BUSINESS ENGLISH?

Karena Melalui program ‘Business English’ ini Anda dapat dengan mudah mempelajari dan memahami percakapan – percakapan lazim Bahasa Inggris dalam berbisnis. Disajikan dalam cerita yang menarik serta penjelasan yang sangat detail akan membawa proses belajar Anda menyenangkan. Dalam video ini, Anda akan diajarkan bagaimana untuk berbahasa Inggris formil dalam berbisnis. Selain diajarkan langsung oleh ‘native speaker’ dan para pakar, juga memaparkan banyak topik yang sering kita jumpai dalam berbisnis.
Dengan cara penyajian yang menarik, mudah dipahami, dan juga disertai dengan banyak latihan akan membuat Anda menguasai ‘Business English’ dalam waktu yang singkat.

Contain DVD :

  • Episode 1 : Please To Meet You! (Senang Bertemu Dengan Anda)
  • Episode 2 : Why Don’t You Join Us? (Mengapa Tidak Bergabung Dengan Kami Saja?)
  • Episode 3 : Getting Acquainted. (Saling Berkenalan)
  • Episode 4 : Any Other Business? (Masih Ada Urusan Lain?)
  • Episode 5 : Hear! Hear! (Setuju! Setuju!)
  • Episode 6 : What Are The Options? (Apa Opsi-opsinya?)
  • Episode 7 : A Report on Progress (Laporan Atas Perkembangan)
  • Episode 8 : Graphs and Trends (Grafik dan Trends)
  • Episode 9 : A Customer Survey (Survey Pelanggan)
  • Episode 10 : Wrapping It Up (Penyelesaian)
  • Episode 11 : Dapatkah saya membantu Anda?
  • Episode 12 : Negosiasi
  • Episode 13 : Kita dapat bertransaksi
  • Episode 14 : Pidato Formil
  • Episode 15 : Sampai di lain waktu
  • Harga spesial kami : Rp 40.000,-
  • (terdiri dari 2 DVD Kompilasi).
  • Silahkan compare di google gan, Buktikan harga kami paling murah..
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Khusus Untuk Putra-putri anda, Perkaya intelektual muda guna kemajukan bangsa..
Dengan bantuan DVD software ini Putra-putri anda bisa belajar bahasa inggris walau tanpa guru sekalipun karena DVD ini sudah mencakup semuanya dan sudah banyak penghargaan atas metode yang ditawarkan oleh DVD ini.

About Tell Me More Kids?
Tell Me More Kids merupakan metode pembelajaran bahasa pertama yang seluruhnya didasarkan pada teknologi pengenalan wicara (speech recognition) karena :
– komputer bisa memahami apa yang Anda katakan dan mengevaluasi
pengucapan Anda
– Anda bisa berdialog secara alami dan interaktif dengan komputer

-TeLL me More Kids English (ESL) includes very rich content, with 100 hours of learning for each level.
-More than 400 activities in this level.
-1,000 words: to be learned and practiced using speech recognition.
-More than 330 games in 15 different categories in this package, for the acquisition and spoken use of vocabulary and sentence structures. Examples include puzzles, scrambled letters, dictations, crazy pairs…
-More than 110 cartoons introduce children to the English language and improve their pronunciation while they participate in dialogues by playing a role.
-And karaoke puts them up on stage and help them learn English!

Visual Lessons

Harga spesial kami : Rp 40.000,-
(terdiri dari 1 DVD Kompilasi).
Silahkan compare di google gan, Buktikan harga kami paling murah..

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Rosetta Stone

Belajar bahasa asing jadi lebih cepat dan mudah dengan Rosetta Stone. dengan fitur-fitur spektakuler seperti:

  • 1. Voice recognition / Dynamic Immersion:

Fitur ini membantu meningkatkan kemampuan melafal atau berbicara dengan menggunakan fitur keren “dynamic speech recognition” untuk membandingkan lafal kalian dengan lafal asli penduduk asli.

  • 2. Listening:

Rosetta Stone menggunakan penduduk asli untuk mengajari kita mendengarkan, sehingga membuat cepat memahami bahasa sehari hari, dan mengembangkan kemampuan mendengarkan dan memahami secara mudah dan alami.

  • 3. Reading

Mengembangkan kemampuan membaca dengan menggunakan topik objek, aksi dan kejadian sehari-hari.
berlatih menulis bahasa yang sedang dipelajari. Tinggal tulis apa yang didengar, dan program ini akan dengan hati hati dan teliti memeriksa hasilnya

Contain DVD :
Installer Rosetta Stone dimana di dalamnya terdapat 27 Bahasa Asing, antara lain:

  • Arabic Level 1 dn 2 (Belajar bahasa Arab)
  • Chinese Mandarin Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa mandarin)
  • Danish Level 1 dan 2
  • Dutch Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa belanda)
  • English UK Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa Inggris asli dari Inggris)
  • English US Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa Inggris orang Amerika)
  • French Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Perancis)
  • German Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Jerman)
  • Greek Level 1 (Belajar bahasa Yunani)
  • Hebrew Level 1
  • Hindi Level 1 (Belajar bahasa India)
  • Indonesian Level 1 dan 2(Belajar bahasa Indonesia) 
  • Italia Level 1, 2, dan 3 (Belajar Bahasa Italia)
  • Japanese Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Jepang)
  • Korean Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Korea)
  • Latin Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Latin)
  • Polish Level 1 dan 2
  • Portuguese Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Portugis)
  • Russian Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Rusia)
  • Russian Traveler
  • Spanish Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Spanyol)
  • Swahili (Bahasa Kenya dan tanzania) Level 1
  • Swedish Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Swedia)
  • Thai Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Thailand)

Rosetta Stone menggunakan metode belajar menggunakan “Dynamic Immersion” yang telah mendapatkan penghargaan di Amerika Serikat dan dipakai untuk melatih para diplomat mereka. Terbukti efektif dan telah dicoba oleh para astronot NASA, Pasukan Perdamaian Amerika Serikat dan berjuta juta pelajar diseluruh dunia.

  • Harga spesial kami : Rp 30.000,-
  • (terdiri dari 1 DVD Kompilasi).
  • Silahkan compare di google gan, Buktikan harga kami paling murah..
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